Monday, October 27, 2008

Motor Adaptor Pt. 2

A couple weeks ago I had dimensioned the transmission bell housing for the adaptor plate. I test fit my plans with paper, but that's a bit more flexible than 3/8" steel. Instead of going straight to the machine shop, I decided to build one last test piece with 5/8" MDF board.

Drawn up, time to cut it out...

Finish drilling out the holes...

I test fit my new plate on the transmission, but the bolts didn't line up just right. No surprise though... I have inaccuracies in measuring the hole locations, marking the locations, and drilling them without a drill press. I went back through the 5/16" holes with a 3/8" drill bit to give myself a bit more play room.

Ah ha, fits! I'll overdrill the holes one size up with the metal plate too. I'm pretty happy with the dimensions thus far though.

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