Sunday, November 2, 2008

Transmission Shaft

The shaft from the transmission has a smaller diameter extension that extends out of the bell housing. Two problems with this... One, it complicates the design on the coupler. Two, it forces us to mount the motor further back and requires a more complex adapter plate.

So what's the best solution? Just cut it off. I had some fun with a borrowed grinder and one sweet cutting wheel.

You can see the piece I removed in the picture below. For anyone else that's planning on trimming the transmission shaft, this was the first time I've ever used a grinder, and it went very fast and very easy. Definitely something you can do at home (with goggles, gloves, and a long sleeve shirt). Sparks were flying!

I didn't have too much other progress on the car this past weekend, but each little bit helps and I'm still one step closer. I'm aiming to buy the Aluminum plate for the adapter in the next couple days, and then I'll have lots of fun.


Daniel Busby said...

You can also get rid of your clutch bearing. It's only unneeded weight at this point.

Clint said...

Very true. The clutch pedal is still in the car as well. At some point I'll go through and clean out the remaining engine/clutch pieces I don't need.

Ideally I'd like to see the car run so well in just 3rd gear that in the future I could pull out the transmission altogether. It would probably take a pack of Lithiums and a larger motor though.