Sunday, June 21, 2009

Wiring Odds and Ends

The long wait for my batteries continues. There were still a few items left to be wired though so I went ahead and finished those.

Wiring from the ammeter to the shunt (housed inside a new wire loom)...

I also wired the motor's temperature relay to my overheat warning light / buzzer inside the car (see September 21st, 2008 post)...

Under the control board...

The passenger side is looking much tidier.

Thursday, June 4, 2009


The Spitfire's trunk wasn't looking good. The previous owner had laid an old piece of carpet in it, but it wasn't very presentable. The carpet was disgusting and underneath it I found dirt, grime, and a little bit of rust.

Like under the hood, I decided to clean it up.


Painted... beautiful!

My Lithium pack should be able to fit completely under the hood, so this trunk will actually get some use for groceries and baggage. If I need extra range in the future I can put a Lithium pack wired in parallel back here as well.