Saturday, January 17, 2009

Motor Mount Pt. 2

Today I finished mounting the motor in the car! Using the wood template built a couple weeks ago, I traced out the design on a 3/8" aluminum plate.

Looks pretty good. I then took a small flat head screwdriver to etch my lines in the plate just in case they are wiped away from the WD-40 (learning from past experience...).

I went to Home Depot to pick up a fresh set of jigsaw blades. This time I bought the coarser blades, and wow, what a difference. It was like night and day cutting with the beefier blade, but it still made a nice clean cut. Don't get the super fine blades; they aren't necessary, but they are very slow.

Drilling the mounting holes...

And the finished motor mount!

Mounted in the car...

Good clearance between the bottom of the motor and the steel frame. It's difficult to see in the pictures, but I wanted to make sure the bottom-forward electrical connection of the motor was not touching the frame of the car. I'm not sure how critical it is to keep them separated, but I don't have any desire to pump 120V 400 Amp anywhere near the car's 12V.

Overall I'm pretty happy with the motor mount. The bottom left mounting hole unfortunately had to be notched for the bolt. Fairly surprising that there was such a significant discrepancy between the design from 2 weeks ago and how it actually fit in the car. I think the 3/8" aluminum plate should be sufficient for the torque from the motor but only time will tell. I won't be drag racing anyone so I'm not too worried.

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