Friday, January 2, 2009

Motor Mount Pt. 1

Christmas / New Year's break is definitely nice for working on a project! 3 updates in 3 days!

Luke and I installed the motor for (hopefully) the last time this morning. We covered the coupler and shafts in CV boot grease (not ideal, but acceptable - it's what I had lying around) before bolting everything together.

Now it's time to get this motor mounted as opposed to just resting on the car's frame. I stared under the hood for a good hour with a pen, piece of paper, and ruler trying to get dimensions for the mount.

Building a prototype adaptor plate out of wood was so helpful I decided to do the same with the motor mount. It takes seconds to cut a piece of 1/2" MDF board; it takes minutes to do the same with aluminum.

I test fit / trimmed with jig saw / test fit / drilled hole / test fit / etc. several times to find a good shape.

I'm pretty happy with the final design, although I will be adding an extra 1" strip along the top to attach the controller/electronics base to. Pay no attention to the multiple holes drilled right next to each other - that's why it's called a prototype! :-)

When speedymetals opens on Monday I'll put in my 3/8" aluminum plate order!

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