Monday, January 19, 2009


One of my Christmas gifts was a shiny new ammeter. I already have the voltmeter, motor temperature gauge, and overheat warning installed in the dashboard, so this may be the last gauge I have installed. Some EV converters also use a state of charge gauge, but I'm going to see if the voltmeter alone will suffice.

The left and center dashboard are pretty tight on space, but the right side has plenty of room. One issue though is the metal support behind the wood. Luckily there is already a perfectly sized hole in a great location.

I held the wooden dashboard back in place and traced the hole on the back. It looks like the last mechanic to pull the dashboard apart was patriotic.

I then used a 2 1/8" bit to drill a hole for the ammeter.

Very nice. I also had to trim the light plug and mounting bracket for the gauge.

And the final product with all the electric vehicle gauges in view!

I sat in the driver's seat to check visibility. The "0" and "100" are blocked, but the graduated marks are very legible. Ideally the gauge would have been a couple more inches to the left, but it works just fine where it's at.

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