Saturday, August 2, 2008

Motor Bay Prepared

Over the past week several friends came over to help clean out the engine (er, motor!) bay and get it all prettied up. Thanks Omayra, Matt, and Luke!

Before cleaning...

After cleaning...



Very nice! It actually could use 1 more coat of paint, but Checkers Auto Parts was out of stock so I'll have to finish it up later. I'm still calling it done though!

You can see a few of the pieces were not cleaned / primed / painted. I could spend months on just cleaning out all the grease from under the hood, but I'll just get to them as required. All the parts that needed to be painted before the motor and battery components go in are finished.

A few people have asked me why I'm converting my car (or they've assumed it's just about saving money). I've got several reasons actually!

#1: Get off Middle East oil. I'm doing my small part to not send $150/barrel oil to people that hate us.
#2: Save money! The car will cost about 50 cents in electricity for 30 miles range. If you include life cycle degradation on the batteries, it's about $1.50 for 30 miles. Not too shabby.
#3: I've always got some crazy project going on. It's fun learning new things - especially something so hands on with so much value in the end.
#4: Potential business venture... A small side business of curing people's addiction to oil by converting their cars to full electric would be fun, challenging, and very rewarding!

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