Sunday, October 11, 2009

Main Cables Pt. 2

The hole for the main cabling in the trunk was pretty tight and had very sharp edges around it (a Dremel cut it after all!). I was afraid that over time the sides of the hole could cut into the main cables and then hilarity (er, major disaster!) would ensue.

I disconnected the main cables and moved the battery charger out of the way to widen the hole a bit more. I then found a 1" diameter flexible hose in my storage room that was from when the car was still gas. I cut a piece the same distance as the circumference as my hole and then a second cut lengthwise so it would fold open. I wish I had pictures, but I was just playing around with it to see if it would work!

I then stuffed the rubber hose inside the hole...

And pulled the main battery cables through...

It's actually a very nice tight (but not too tight) fit! The rubber is very thick so I feel much more comfortable with the cables being protected from the sharp edge now.

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Unknown said...

Hello, I have a 1975 Spitfire that I am contemplating an EV conversion on. I live in northern Maine, so it will just be a summer driver.
I am wondering how you feel about your choice of motor and batteries, now that you are a few years out from finishing.
Thank you for your awesome blog, outlining the steps you have taken.