Friday, October 9, 2009

It's Legal!

I called up the Arizona Department of Motor Vehicles and asked about getting the car registered. I'm actually a Texas resident and am moving back to the Great Republic of Texas in December. Rather than having it registered in Arizona, I was able to get a 90 day nonresident permit, perfect! Only $15, no emissions inspections/waivers, and no hassle. When I get back to Texas I'll have to mess with getting it inspected / re-registered, but that's not for a couple months. :-)

Immediately after registration I called up USAA - within minutes I had an e-mail with proof of insurance! They really had no problems at all insuring a converted car.

I still have lots of clean up items to take care of before Bumblebee is a daily driver, but he should have his first out of the neighborhood drive this weekend!


mgkrebbs said...

You might want to check out this guy's blog, a garage fire (not ev related), but major hassles with the insurance company. To sum it up, get the car appraised and get an agreement value insurance policy, other wise they'll total it out at the value of a regular spitfire, which I would guess is $10,000 less than what your car is worth.

mgkrebbs said...
Duh... forgot link.