Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Motor Spacer Plate

When we installed the motor last month, we didn't know the exact spacing needed between the motor and transmission. For our low speed test drive we had to add a few washers.

Although it worked for the test, it was not a long term solution. The gap between motor and adaptor plate allowed dust and water to get inside. The 3 washers we used were almost exactly 1/4", so I went ahead and ordered a 8" x 8" x 1/4" aluminum plate to make a spacer plate.

Luckily I had dinner plates 8" in diameter as well, and we can't forget my trusty Subway cup.

Similar to the adaptor plate, I used my jig saw and lots of WD-40 to cut the spacer plate.

By the way, permanent marker lines drawn on aluminum wipe away quite easily after they've been soaked with WD-40. I strongly recommend etching the shape you want with a flat head screwdriver or similar so that your lines don't disappear before the blade reaches them.

I used my adaptor plate as a guide for the motor mounting holes.

And then checked the fit on the motor. Despite using the adaptor as a template, I still had to go back with the drill and jig-saw to increase the hole size.

And the finished product! Quite a step up from a bunch of washers.

And the transmission side... I'm using a lock washer, a regular washer, and threadlock fluid so my bolts won't loosen over time.

Before I can remount the motor in the car, I've got a bit of work to do on the coupler that you'll see in my next post. I'm hoping the next time I mount the motor will be the last!

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