Monday, September 28, 2009

Main Cables Pt. 1

The final parts for my car arrived this past weekend. I took my raw cables and lugs to a local welding shop to have them crimped. Just for reference, here's the latest wiring diagram...

And here's the newly crimped cables!

I widened an existing hole in my trunk with a Dremel to fit the cables. I will put something around the cables soon so they won't be cut by the sharp edges as I drive.

Cables underneath the car...

I'm using small bolt-on cable mounts to attach the cables to the car. Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of one of them! Maybe in a later post. :-) I also pulled off one of the rear wheels to add additional mounts for the cable.

Two main cables running to the front of the car. The red cable is attached to the fuse, which is the "most positive". The black cable runs between the batteries in the front and the back to tie them all in series. You can see a short black cable at the top of the picture that is the "most negative".

I had my wife standing by with a wooden baseball bat to pry me off just in case I did something stupid while wiring. She looked a bit too excited to "help" me!

Everything wired, 98.3V!

I was hoping to get the car running over the weekend but had some issues with my charger. (Nothing wrong with the charger, just a combination of poor documentation and user error.) It's charging now though so stay tuned for a test drive!

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