Sunday, March 8, 2009

Control Box Pt. 1

My controller arrived!

Posts lately have been lacking as I've waited for the electrical "brains" to arrive, but now they're all here! I didn't mind the wait too much though - it gave my checking account a nice break before purchasing the batteries and charger.

Finding a platform to fit all the components was a challenge. I scratched my originals plans of the plexiglass because of strength concerns. I wanted something that would last a while so no plastic or wood. I searched around for a good metal box, but no store seemed to carry them in anything other than plastic. I ended up finding a reinforced metal base meant for hanging tools at Walmart. I'd prefer to have an enclosed box with no holes but this would work for now. Now all I needed to do was fit my parts on it!

Rough idea... I actually modeled all the parts in AutoCad as well to try and organize the layout / wiring. The fan locations are to be determined.

Marked and drilled some holes...

Bolted together...

Not yet permanently attached, but it looks darn good in the car!

Next up, wiring it!

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